Quality knurls to fit any knurling or thread rolling holders and attachments. Furnished with lapped tooth finish, to impart smoother, cleaner tooth surfaces on parts and also to prolong tool life. A list of standard and special sizes available:
- circular and diametral pitches for straight knurls
- circular and diametral pitches for diagonal, normal, or transverse, 30 or 45 degree helix angles
- male or female diamond knurls
- metric pitches, straight and diagonal
- convex, concave, or conical type knurls
- special tooth form knurls
- standard, HSS, or high cobalt material
- shank type knurls for face knurling

- Standard knurls are stocked for standard knurl holders only, and can be ordered by the manufacturers' code numbers stamped or etched on existing knurls. All other knurls are considered special and require the following information to provide the correct knurling tool for your particular application:
a) attachment or holder to be used (cross-slide or turret mounted)
b) TPI or diametral pitch of knurl on piece part
c) knurl pattern on piece part (straight, diagonal, male or female diamond)
d) working face required on piece part
e) blank diameter, shoulder or stock diameter, and finished part diameter
f) material to be knurled
g) specify if exact number of teeth are required on piece part
h) special markings, if applicable
i) quantity

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